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You only have to look at the widespread adoption of 'glamping' to see that there's a growing desire for different, more luxurious ways to enjoy an outdoor holiday experience. Welcome to Clear Sky Safari Tents, the UK's leading Safari Tent manufacturer.
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About Clear Sky Safari Tents

In the six years Clear Sky have been in business, we have become the 'go to' company for safari tents and it's not hard to see why. We specialise in supplying stunning safari tents, made to the very highest quality, but due to the fact we specialise in safari tents and manufacture in large numbers we are 30-40% lower in price than our competitors. Not only that, we run our own glamping site in Kent, which means from planning permission to creating a website we have done it all and we are happy to share our knowledge!

We offer a full support service and are happy to discuss your specific needs - simply submit an information request in the box to the right, or call us on 0845 299 6484.

Safari Tent Ranges

Woody Safari Tent
Safari Tent

The beautiful look of the wooden framed Woody makes it our most popular selling safari tent as it blends seamlessly into natural environments. Both our Wooden and Steel frames are high quality and extremely durable and your choice comes down to budget, setting and personal preference.

Plus Range Safari Tent
Plus Range
Safari Tent

The Plus Safari Tent Range provides additional width, we can now design much more exciting layouts making bedrooms truly separate with individual entrances from a central corridor, en-suite facilities, open plan living areas and integrated kitchens. The tents come in a range of colours with colour co-ordinated connectors and fully opening large windows. With the option of our larger poles, we now have certificated wind resistance of up to force 11.

Lodge Safari Tent
Safari Tent

New for 2016 we have produced the 'ultimate family tent' the Lodge Safari tent! The Lodge has an internal foorprint of 7.6 x 5.4 meters, with an extra floor sleeping up to four people. Together with a double and bunk beds below, you can create sleeping for eight or ten if you include a sofa bed as well, making it extremely flexible for larger families or groups. The full veranda is covered and the Lodge tent offers great flexibility in terms of the internal layout.

Grand Safari Tent
Safari Tent

In 2015 we expanded our collection with an attractive and compact Glamping Lodge. This tent with a second storey promises to be the eye-catcher of the upcoming season. The Ground floor of this luxuriously decorated Glamping Lodge contains a complete kitchen, a dining area and a host of storage possibilities. Also you will find a separate master bedroom and the spacious bathroom holds a luxury shower, wash-basin and toilet.

Bedouin Safari Tent
Safari Tent

With the development of our own Bedouin tent, Clear Sky has gone back to the origin of the safari tent by producing a Safari Tent that would have been familiar to the ancient desert wanders. Using the original north African tent as inspiration and combining this with the modern luxury and comfort expected today, we have successfully brought the atmosphere of the East to the West.

Club Lodge Safari Tent
Club Lodge
Safari Tent

Just as all of our Safari Tent, the Club Lodge Safari Tent has a unique design that means there are no guy lines, strong and robust construction and a canvas that will last. They are designed to stay up all year round and have a unique tensioning system. There are no crown post in the interior of the inner tent which makes the whole space available for your own interior and creative designs. The wooden frame construction has a sturdy and stylish look and by using natural colours the Club Lodge Safari Tent will fit into any surrounding.

Steel Safari Tent
Steel Safari Tent

With frames made from galvanised steel you can expect long life and easy assembly from our great value for money Steel framed Safari Tent. Both our Steel and our Wooden frames are high quality and extremely durable and your choice comes down to budget, setting and personal preference.

Bell Tent
Bell Tent

What sets our Bell Tents apart from the rest is that they are all made from heavy duty canvas, in fact the same canvas that we use to make our Safari Tents. That means they are completely waterproof and built to last for 5-10 years. They all come in an oblong bag, which can easily fit in the back of an estate car or on a roof rack and can be assembled in less than half an hour to provide a luxurious camping experience.

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